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The world has started the shift towards the use of renewable energy and solar energy is the most preferred one. It is abundant, the truest form of nonrenewable source of energy available all over the globe, always there, waiting to be unlocked. Solar energy can be harnessed with the help of solar panels and with solar energy the carbon footprint can be reduced to a great margin, in fact, zero, as if we are not going to burn any fuel and release the greenhouses gases, thereby allowing the atmosphere especially the ozone layer to recover and also reduce the pollutants that would remain suspended in the air and cause health issues.

If you are someone who wants to make the shift but haven’t yet made up your mind because of the initial cost of the solar panels, the labor, and what not, fret not, the Government of India has got you covered. Now, moving to solar panels and solar energy is easy and won’t burn a hole in your pocket, as the government is offering subsidies, discounts to those who are installing rooftop solar panels and making the shift to solar energy. Not only that you would get the subsidy within 30 days itself, so need to worry about how long will it take or will I get it, the government has also taken the initiative to a carbon-free and clean energy production, and we should make the most of this opportunity, seize it when it lasts. The scheme is handled by the Union Ministry of Power and Non-Renewable Energy department, and customers can choose solar panels, solar inverters, and any other solar products, they can choose the right solar service vendor and after the installation, an image of the completed solar panels be sent to the DISCOM department, where they will verify the information and approve the subsidy. You can either send a letter or apply on the DISCOM website for approval. In this scheme, a part of the energy produced would be given to the government, to the on-grid solar power plant. Earlier it was said that the solar panels have to be installed from specific vendors, but now it has been revised, and the consumer can approach any service provider of their liking and get the solar panel installed.

Benefits of a Solar roof top installation

  1. Saving on bills
    While regular electricity is powered through fuel across the country, it becomes an expensive ordeal, especially with rising fuel prices. Solar energy is readily available and can be harnessed as a substitute for fuel-based electricity, thus being a cheaper alternative in the long run.
  2. Accessibility
    India is a country that holds diverse communities from multiple walks of life, not all of whom have accessible sources of energy, other than petrol and diesel. Solar Energy has become an economically viable and safe option for them.
  3. Low maintenance
    Post the installation of a rooftop solar, the product itself requires negligible maintenance and, therefore, lower added costs. Rooftop Solars are known to have a long service life span.
  4. Reduced carbon footprint
    Right from installation to use, rooftop solars neither emit harmful greenhouse gases nor cause health hazards, resulting in a lowered carbon footprint.
  5. Green Business
    The use of rooftop solar allows your business to go more green by reducing the number of fossil fuels your company uses, not only allowing your business to do good for the climate but also allowing it to reduce operating costs.

Subsidy Available

The subsidy that can be gained would depend on the power production you choose, for 3kw energy production you can gain up to a 40percent discount, and 20 percent up to 10kw. The main objective of the government is to attain a power production of 100 GW of renewable solar energy by the end of 2022 and out of this 100GW. 40GW has to be produced from rooftop solar panels. The company must make sure that the net metering will be provided to the concerned authority within 15 days of the completed project to make the subsidy process happen flawlessly.

With such a great subsidy initiative taken by the government, missing this opportunity would be a great blow. So, take the initiative and make the change to solar energy for a carbon-free atmosphere for our future.

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