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What has made us, the Solglow Power Solutions into one of the leading solar products manufacturers and distributors is our long successful journey of 10 years with ISO 9001-2015 certification. Now we have extended our services all over Thrissur, all ready to claim our position as the best solar company in Thrissur. And to strengthen up this claim we have been focussing on a wide range of solar products that are most in-demand especially among Thrissur based customers. Products such as solar panels, solar water heaters, solar inverters, solar power grids for both commercial and private purposes.

We have all your needs covered

Our responsibility goes beyond after installation as we provide all sorts of maintenance services for solar products on any given day. One of our main motto here is to provide reliable products and professional service to all our clients irrespective of the solar products. We have a wide range of subcategories for all solar products be it solar panels, solar inverters, we can customize everything according to your needs. Our services are spread all across Thrissur so that we can pave the way to a cleaner and brighter future.

experts installing solar on roof

Why Go The Solar Route?

A cleaner and healthier world starts with an individual, shifting to solar energy is one of the first steps you can take to attain a brighter future. Solar energy is much more efficient and the purest form of renewable energy, as the carbon footprint is zero. Unlike the conventional form of energy, there is no need to worry about running out of energy.

What are the different kinds of Solar Products we Offer in Thrissur?

Whether you are opting for the commercial or private purpose our solar product service in Thrissur have got you covered. We provide fully functional solar power grid services to business owners in Thrissur thereby ensuring your business is running without any hiccups.

We also, provide our services to private parties in Thrissur that are planning to move to fully renewable solar energy for their household needs, starting from solar panels that power your house, to solar generators to solar water heaters, solar fans, and much more. Apart from installation we also provide all solar products maintenance. We provide onsite surveys and demo for interested candidates. All our products are designed and crafted following the IS 2062:1992 & IS 4759 standards.

two men installing solar panels
two men installing solar panels

Our Premium Products

Solglow offers efficient installation of solar panels across Kerala, and apart from that. Provides a wide range of products as well. Below given are some of the top products that we offer:

Apart From These Products, Solglow Also Offers On-Grid And Off-Grid Solar Power Systems To Its Customers.

The on-grid solar power system is connected to the utility grid and the electricity generated through the solar panels is directed to the utility grid after it powers the electrical appliances of your house. This can be an additional source of passive income for you if you have generated any surplus electricity as well.

solar panel placed on sliding roofs
solar panel placed on sliding roofs
off grid solar power arrangement

The Off-Grid Solar Power System Is Another Efficient Way To Utilize Solar Energy.

It is also used in situations where there is no utility grid available in the vicinity. Here, the energy is stored in batteries and can be used whenever the need arises. Unlike the on-grid solar power systems, the off-grid ones are self-sustainable.

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Reputed Solar Pv Modules

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kirloskar brand solar pv modules
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Thrissur, let’s take the first step towards a brighter future right now.

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