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On-Grid Solar Power System

The on-grid solar power system is the one where it is connected directly to the utility grid. You can turn your empty roof into a power source of electricity. The process involves installing solar panels on your rooftops. Here, the solar radiation is converted to electricity which can be used for household uses.

The energy from the sun is collected by the solar panels, which generates Direct Current. This current is then converted by the solar inverters into Alternating Current. The electricity is then routed to the utility grid. This is how an on-grid solar power system works. Just make sure to get it installed by reliable solar installation companies in Kerala, such as Solglow.

What Are The Advantages Of An On-Grid Solar Power System?

Off-Grid Solar Power System

As more and more people are moving towards renewable energy, it is the perfect time for you to make your shift to solar energy. Not only is it one of the cleanest forms of energy, but it also helps you save a lot of money in the long run.


Solglow is one of the reputed solar companies in Kerala, and we provide off-grid solar power system installation services to our customers. Unlike the on-grid solar power system, the off-grid one is not directly connected to the utility grid. It stores the energy generated during the day in batteries, which then power your electric appliances at night too.


What Are The Advantages Of An Off-Grid Solar Power System?



The biggest advantage of an off-grid power system is that it can sustain itself independently without the help of a power grid. They collect the solar energy, convert it into Alternating Current and then store it in batteries, which do not need the assistance of power grids at all.


Excellent for remote areas

For places where there is no utility grid nearby, the use of an off-grid solar power system would be of immense help. Houses in remote areas can use off-grid systems to generate electricity effortlessly.


Unaffected By Grid Failures

As the off-grid power system is not connected directly to the utility grid, they are also completely unaffected by the power outs or grid failures. There will be a continuous supply of electricity, no matter what.

Innovative Ways to Harness Nature Renewable Energy

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